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A revolutionary process of remote software development over the Internet. At SIGMAGE™ ambient the development of solutions happens in a structured production process, making its monitoring clear and easy. SIGMAGE™ presents itself differently and totally innovative technologically, supporting business processes with solutions that encompass the entire production cycle with high performance, low cost, agility, and fast response.

Software Nursery™ – Online visibility of all products developed and projects, including progress follow-up, step by step.

Look & Client Feel™ – Interactivity, involvement, and communication throughout the production process, and not only after the final product delivery.

Click & Get™ – Improvement in the response time for changes or reformulations, and reduction of development cycle time. There is no waste of time!

Hi-SIM – Hi-Skill Integrated Management™ – Highly trained professionals in the most important technologies, integrating processes and workflows across the Internet with solid structured management methodology.

SQA – SIGMA Quality Assurance™ – All stages of the production cycle, methodologies and standards – constantly optimized – with ISO 9001 certification.

SSI- SIGMA Security Information™- Data protection and confidentiality of information.