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ORACLE is one of the largest worldwide company in database, and a important supplier for integrated applications. SIGMA works with ORACLE’s technology since 1989 and is capable to implement solutions using ORACLE or ones especially developed for the client. With a robust database version 10.g, SIGMA knows the best way to take advantages to the grid computing is generating high reliable applications, with speed and strenght.

MICROSOFT is a world leader in the operational system (Windows), office applications (Office). SIGMA is capable of promoting solutions at Microsoft technologies such as Net and SQL Server.

IBM is the world largest company in IT, and it also a SIGMA partner. The very first SIGMA computer had a mainframe IBM/370-115 back in 1976. Since then, SIGMA has been maintaining several level of associations with IBM. Today SIGMA offers IBM security for various nets.

SIGMA creates synergy for your company. Among long term partners, companies such as TECHNOLOGY FUTURES Inc.(TFI) – which is one of the most capable companies desgining scenarios and projections.